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I am proud to have Brock as a coaching colleague. He has a deep knowledge of figure skating that shows every time he breaks down and explains complicated skating elements to students of all levels and ages. I go to him when I have questions about teaching my own students, and I have tremendous respect for the advice he gives. He truly has a passion for figure skating, and he passes that passion along to his students.


New York, NY 

My daughter takes lessons from Brock Huddleston. Ever since she started lessons with Brock, she has excelled at a rapid pace and grown to love ice skating. Prior to his instruction, she was just another student in a class. But, he has made her feel special. With his instruction, I think there might be a future for her on the ice. Brock has given the extra time and attention to really help us feel important. What a different that makes!


Rio Rancho, NM

I have known Brock Huddleston for approximately 6 years. Our daughter Sofia has the distinguished honor of being Coach Brock’s very first first student. Coach Brock first came into my family’s life at an ice skating rink in Hawaiʻi, we were introduced soon after my daughter started ice skating lessons. While he was a young novice of a coach at the time, I knew right away that he was passionate about coaching. It was pretty amazing watching my daughter improve on a weekly basis because of Coach Brock’s guidance and encouragement. Under Coach Brock’s teachings, my daughter went from a child who rarely stepped outside of her comfort zone to a kid that was excited to go early Saturday morning practices to get ready for the rink’s annual holiday program. While Brock no longer coaches our daughter due to being in different states, Brock still keeps in touch, continuing to encourage Sofia and instilling confidence in everything she does. She knows how lucky she is to have such a positive role model in her life. 


Coach Brock has always maintained a level of professionalism while dealing with his students and parents, while at the same time being a fun and engaging teacher who makes students want to learn. We are so lucky to be a part of Coach Brock’s coaching journey. It has been an honor to watch him grow into the amazing coach he has become.


Colorado Springs, CO 

My daughter had had a memorable experience being the student of Brock Huddleston. I would gladly have her under his coaching anytime. I would highly recommend Brock Huddleston to be your child's next ice skating coach. Brock is very easy to work with and will inform you on everything that you will need for development. My daughter was 5 and Brock  taught her an entire routine and she did it by herself! I was amazed and it was such a great experience for her. Thank you Brock.


Houston, TX

We have been blessed to have Brock as my daughter's ice skating coach for both group lessons, and private lessons. Brock is very professional, honest, and understanding. He is a positive, kind person both on and off the ice. He definitely has a love for teaching and the sport of ice skating. This love reflects in the way his students respond to his teaching methods and his desire for them to excel. Under Brock's coaching, my daughter has excelled and has loved her ice skating experience thus far. My daughter says, "I love Coach Brock's compliments. He is a really good teacher and I have learned a lot."


Rio Rancho, NM

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