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Brock is a master-rated figure skating coach who began skating in Portland, OR. He was a regional competitor with the Portland Ice Skating Club (PISC). Throughout his skating career, he trained under national, world, and Olympic coaches.

In 2010, Brock moved to Hawaiʻi where he continued skating in local shows and TV commercials. He began his coaching career during this time and began to experiment with several different skating disciplines. 

After graduating from college in 2014, Brock moved back to Oregon to pursue a full-time coaching career. During this time, he worked closely with some of the region’s best coaches. His mentors included former national and international competitors; sectional, national, and Olympic-level coaches; and several PSA master-rated coaches.

Brock has worked with athletes in many parts of the country including Washington, Oregon, California, Hawaiʻi, New Mexico, Kansas, Missouri, and South Dakota. He is a member of US Figure Skating, ISI, PSA, and Hawaiʻi Figure Skating Club (HFSC). 

Brock has passed his Junior MIF, Juvenile Free Skate, partial Pre-Silver Dance, and First Figure tests. He holds a master rating in group instruction (MG), senior rating in Moves in the Field (SM), and registered ratings in free skate (RFS) and ice dance (RD). 

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New Students

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Stephanie B 


We have been blessed to have Brock as my daughter's ice skating coach for both group lessons, and private lessons. Brock is very professional, honest, and understanding. He is a positive, kind person both on and off the ice. He definitely has a love for teaching and the sport of ice skating. This love reflects in the way his students respond to his teaching methods and his desire for them to excel. Under Brock's coaching, my daughter has excelled and has loved her ice skating experience thus far. My daughter says, "I love Coach Brock's compliments. He is a really good teacher and I have learned a lot."

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Coach Brock has a wide range of experience working with a variety of programs and athletes across the country of all levels and abilities.

In addition to private lessons at his home rink, Coach Brock is available to host seminars and camps for both skaters and coaches, which can be customized to the needs of your rink or club.


Some of Coach Brock's specialties include:

  • Jump Technique

  • IJS Spins 

  • Skating Skills 

  • Power & Endurance 

  • Moves in the Field 

  • Group Instruction 

Brock is also available for in-person or virtual consultation for coaches—including those who are preparing to take PSA Ratings exams—and program directors.

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